Visiting Indonesia? Don’t Forget to Visit Western Java and Relax!

Green Canyon - Pangandaran – Who doesn’t love the nature? It calms your mind and refreshes the soul! Take tour on some of Indonesia’s awesome nature!

Relax and Enjoy Western Java’s Nature!

Here are a few awesome places for you to visit!

1. Kawah Putih – Bandung

Kawah Putih - Bandung
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Kawah Putih is located at the top of Mount Patuha, Ciwidey, South Bandung. It is a famous tour destination for so long. The mountain is a vulcanic mountain that has a really beautiful crater, called Kawah Putih, means White Crater. Expect to see unique view of the blue-white pond in the middle of the crater and white sand around it! The atmosphere is just breath taking. The vulcanic mountain is still active, so make sure to check on the condition of the mountain before visiting Kawah Putih.

2. Stone Garden – Padalarang

Stone Garden - Padalarang
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Want to feel adventorous? Pay a visit to Stone Garden in Padalarang! Padalarang is still an area of Bandung, you can easily access to Padalarang through toll. Expect to see hills and mountains of natural rocks, just like in the movies! Take action poses on the stones or between stone walls and make awesome memories. If you love hiking, you can take pretty challenging hikes here. The air is fresh and clear, the view is unforgettable! Make sure to wear sport shoes when visiting here for your comfort.

3. Green Canyon – Pangandaran

Green Canyon - Pangandaran
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If America has Grand Canyon, Pangandaran has Green Canyon! Love exotic nature? This is a great place for you to visit! Enjoy rafting in the flowing river or swimming in clear water with tiny fishes! Take adventure discovering amazing caves and forest with fresh cooling air, or take the boat to enjoy the sights along the river. Refresh your soul and clear your mind here! Don’t forget to take pictures of amazing sights when rays of sunlight spotlighting the river!

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4. Gunung Pancar – Bogor

Gunung Pancar - Bogor
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If you love exploring forests, this is the place for you! It is said to be one of the most popular tour destination in Bogor. Plan a camping event here with your friends! Enjoy the nature and relax! The forest is protected by the government, so it’s nature is well kept. No buildings, only natural forest! Get comfy in your camp, surrounded by tall pine trees.

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