Visit The Most Famous Mountain in East Java

Visit The Most Famous Mountain in East Java

One of densely populated island in Indonesia is in Java Island. Java island’s divided into several parts Banten, Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and East Java. From all of that Java’s part, East Java has one famous beautiful nature to visit, it called Mount Bromo.

The name of Mount Bromo was taken from one of Hindu’s God, Brahma. Mount Bromo has a height 2329 meters above the sea level and it is an active volcano mountain.

3 Places You Must Visit While in Bromo

When you in Bromo there are more than one place that you can visit, make sure you have enough time to visit all beautiful places in Mount Bromo area.

1. Pananjakan Hill

Pananjakan Hill

Do not miss a chance to see the most beautiful sunrise here. Mount Bromo has the best place to see the sunrise called Penanjakan Hill. The best advice is you have to get ready there maximum at 04.30 for waiting the sunrise, it means at 3 o’clock you have already to wake up to go to Penanjakan and to get the best spot for enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

2. Whispering Sands

Whispering Sands

After enjoying the beautiful sunrise, the next part to pump your adrenaline is going to Whispering Sands. Maybe you ask why it called Whispering Sands, it’s because a long time ago there’s no life there, only the sound of wind blowing against the sand exactly like whisper sound. That’s why it’s called whispering sands.

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3. Mount Bromo Crater

Mount Bromo Crater

All tourist local and foreigner can go up to lip of the crater to see Mount Bromo crater. If you are lucky enough you can see Yadnya Kasadha Ceremony. Yadnya Kasadha ceremony is local tradition of Tengger tribe. Tengger comes from the name of two love bird at the old time, Rara Anteng and Joko Seger. They are both known as a legend of Tengger tribe. To go up to lip of the crater you have to climb Mount Bromo, but no need to worry Mount Bromo unlike another mountain which have difficult path to climb. Mount Bromo has many stairs to help you to go up to there. You only need about one hour walk casually to get to the top.

Vacation is incomplete without being accompanied by our loved ones. The best way to go together is to rent a bus. You can look up for sewa bus pariwisata Jawa Timur to the bus rental for accommodate your travel to Mount Bromo or another destinations.

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