The tourism industry in Indonesia has grown rapidly in recent years. However, the distinctive landscapes and an array of flora and fauna are not the only reasons of the tourist attraction. The long-term strategic plans and the development of tourism is also one of the main reasons why Indonesia became a major tourist attraction.

The 10 new Bali project:

According to estimates, the number of tourists in 2018 was about 15.8 billion, indicating a 13% increase since 2017. The robust and rapid expansion growth have created thousands of new jobs for local people. The latest tourism boom shows that the Jokowi 5 year plan takes effect in haste, making Indonesia the most appropriate place and reliable to invest your money.


The catchy forests, flora, signature enchanting volcanoes and lush landscapes – all attracts tourists making Indonesia a new star destination if you wanna travelling with your familly to destination flora and fauna in this indonesia i’ll recomend you for use sewa bus pariwisata . One can observe the motto of Indonesia “Unity in diversity” in the unique intercultural coexistence and distinct from more than 300 different ethnic groups spread across the archipelagic country.

The priority “10” New destinations Bali: a blank canvas

President Joko Widodo and his ministers introduced a back Project Ten New Bali in 2016. The soon to be 10 new Bali project is a remarkable economic growth plan that will be an opportunity for the natives, citizens, tourists and Government as well.

Although Bali is now regarded as a tourist destination world-class, Indonesia is much more than that. The region has more than 17,000 islands full of destinations that have diverse and unique landscapes to offer. This is an obvious reason why Indonesia focuses on increasing tourists (the maintenance of economic development in the region), but the bitter truth is it becomes more difficult to Bali quite to accommodate the number increasing tourists.

With the changes and global current environmental conditions, demand for raw materials increases. Indonesia can easily answer these types of sensitivities in developing a sustainable strategy for the tourism economy.

The solution:

The main objective of the project is to create 10 new sites. This was done mainly to reproduce the various economic impacts of tourism in Bali. The tourism sector may indeed operate more effectively to promote economic development in the region, as well as increased cash flow in foreign currencies. According to estimates, tourism has added almost 11% to the overall GDP of Indonesia. Therefore, different objectives are put together to increase the number of tourists by the year 2020.

Thus, by 2020, the government has set the following objectives at a glance:

– the holiday industry to mean almost 8% of the global gross domestic product.
– exchange revenue overseas upsurge Rp240 trillion (US $ 18 billion)
Employing almost13 million inhabitants

To achieve the desired objective that the government must take measures which are;

– Improve infrastructure
– Boost Connectivity
– Promoting foreign investments
– Increase outbound flights
– Progress of local marketing campaign
– Increase tourism spots
– Manage security

These are just some of the many things that the Indonesian government must do to achieve the goal. Although, with the progress and evolvement, economic development and growth will be clearly seen by the year 2020.

Access points below are designated as priority destinations for their potential and scope “10 New Bali” to become remarkable tourist attractions. Each selected location has distinct special features that the type of development right, have the potential to be the next “places to be” in Indonesia. Targeted investments by the government, provides a bridge of opportunity for individual investors.

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