Jakarta, a City of Indonesia’s History!

Kota Tua

Tourism in Indonesia has been growing rapidly for the past five years, at least. Various cultures, it’s breath taking nature views, and a wide range of taste are available for you to explore in all around Indonesia. But above all that, have you known Indonesia’s history?

This City Will Show You Indonesia In The Past Times!

Want to know more about Indonesia’s history? While you’re visiting Jakarta, these places will give you an experince of Indonesia from the past! This capital city of Indonesia is full of history!

As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is known to be the busiest city in the country. But beside the busy traffic and activities happens in Jakarta, it is also packed with excitements you can never imagine before. Beside the sky scrapers, shopping malls and all, there lies historical footprints of Jakarta.

Here Kamloopslife.com provides information on historical places that you can visit in Jakarta!

1. Kota Tua Jakarta

Kota Tua

Kota Tua means Old Town. So this place is full of vintage styled buildings, originally from the old times. You can take awesome vintage pictures here, worth to post on your social media! You can also rent vintage bikes and ride around the area. Located in Tamansari, West Jakarta, it was first known to be the center of goverment of Batavia called Kota Lama Benedenstad. Vintage buildings here were built when Jakarta was still occupied by the Netherlands. Some buildings are now used as museums you can visit to know more about Indonesian history and culture.

2. National Museum

National Museum

The National Museum in Jakarta is located near Kota Tua. This museum is said to be the most complete museum in Indonesia! Have a visit and find Indonesia’s interesting history! In here, you can find various collection of anccient items related to Indonesia’s past and early life. Discover unique culture and anccient history! Here you can also find awesome collections from pre-history, archeology, unique ceramics, statues and various items from the colonial era in Indonesia. See them with your own eyes to believe and be amazed!

3. National Monument (Monas)


Indonesia has an iconic national monument called Monas, a short for Monumen Nasional. It is the icon of Jakarta. You can see all of Jakarta from the height of 132 meters! Here, you can also find the proclamation script of Indonesia’s independence, surrounded by beuautiful gardens as the lungs of Jakarta.

For your convenience during your travel in Jakarta, you can look up for bus, to rent bus to accomodate you and your friends to enjoy Jakarta and take tour around famous places in Jakarta! Drivers may know a lot of often visited tourism attractions in Jakarta. Make sure to plan well for your travel!

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