Indonesia As One of The Best Tourism Destination In This Earth!

Kepulauan Seribu

Indonesia, a country with thousands of beautiful islands, has been known to be one of the must-go-to destination. It is famous with beautiful nature and rich culture that this country has. Widely standing from Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia is ready to serve you with unique experience for you, different from one place to another.

Tourism in Indonesia has been growing rapidly for years. Government of Indonesia seems to really put focus on developing this particular department as one of the highest economic

Indonesia’s tourism is ranging from nature tourism to cultural tourism. This country is gifted with islands, beach, volcanoes, and many natural beauty for everyone in the world to enjoy. And because Indonesia has thousands of islands, Indonesia has various unique culture, different from one island to another.

If you are looking for tourism destinations varying from malls to nature, Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is one of the options you can choose.

No Boring Vacation in Jakarta!

malls Jakarta

You can find various shopping malls with luxurious malls or those with lower prices.Each malls has their own different atmosphere and decorations. Make sure to visit and experience!


Want some thrilling rides to satisfy your adrenalline? Visit the best theme park in Indonesia, Dunia Fantasi, or for short, Dufan! Enjoy rollercoasters and thrill rides around the theme park! Challenge yourself with rides and have fun here! Or visit Sea World, still in the same tourism district as Dufan, and see ocean creatures and attractions!

museum gajah jakarta

If you love seeing museums and get to know more about Indonesia’s history, you can visit several museums around Jakarta. One of the most favorite museum in Jakarta is the National Museum of Indonesia, located in Central Jakarta area. Also known as Elephant Building (Museum Gajah), it is the first and the biggest museum in Southeast Asia! Here, you can find archeological and geographical findings. Take a trip to the history of Indonesia and see large collections of Hindu-Buddhist arts from anccient Indonesia, artifacts, relics, and arts. It is always great to know country’s history here!

Kepulauan Seribu

Feeling Jakarta is too crowded or too busy for you? Escape to the paradise in Jakarta! Kepulauan Seribu is perfect for you, who loves enjoying the calming sea! After it’s name, Thousand Islands, this place has many small islands you visit and experince different sights. Enjoy diving with turtles and see the beauty of life under the sea! Take a stroll on the beach. Stay at floating hotels, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere. Or challenge yourself to do water sports!

To keep your tour comfortable and easy, make sure to rent touring bus with sewa bus pariwisata Jakarta Pusat! Get the best deal and travel comfortably.

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