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Betawi community

Talking about culture you can call Indonesia as mother of cultures. Huge country makes Indonesia has a lot of tribes in it followed by versatile cultures. From Sabang to Merauke there are about 1.340 tribes. Some of them are Batak, Sunda, Jawa, Betawi, Dayak, Asmat, Bali, and still many more.

Jakarta as a capital city of Indonesia is famous enough with Betawi Culture. This culture was came from combination of some tribes from some countries such as Melayu, Arab, Tionghoa, and also Indonesia’s tribes Sunda, Jawa, Bali, Bugis, etc. This statement’s according to Lance Castle based on Thomas Stanford Raffles’ note in History of Java 1815 and Civil Note in Encyclopaedia Van Nederlandsch Indie 1893.

Get to Know Betawi Tribe More Closely

ondel ondel

If you are in Indonesia especially in Jakarta, you have to visit some culture places. You can find The Old City of Batavia/Jakarta, many kinds of museum, and some other culture places you can visit. Sewa bus pariwisata Jakarta Timur can help you to enjoy Jakarta with your small or big group.

One of famous places which presenting Betawi culture is Setu Babakan. Located at Mohammad Kahfi II Street, Srengseng Sawah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Setu Babakan also known as Betawi Village or in Indonesia you can call it Kampung Betawi. At Betawi Village we can watch art performances like Mask Dance, Tanjidor, Marawis, Lenong, Gambang Kromong, Lenggang Nyai Dance, Narojeng Dance completed with Ondel-ondel which became traditional Betawi community culture icon. In here you are not only can learn about Betawi Culture but also you can find the real Betawi community, knowing about their history, their daily activities, and what about their typical traditional food.

Betawi community

There is one interesting place while you are visiting Betawi Village, it is the place for making Betawi Batik. In this location we can more closely look about how Batik Betawi was made. Betawi has different Batik style from another Indonesia’s Batik style, printed Batik and also handmade all of those kinds you can find here at Betawi Village.

printed Batik Betawi

Next, you also can taste some Betawi traditional food like Dodol Betawi and Kerak Telor. Dodol Betawi made by sticky rice, brown sugar, white sugar, and mixed with coconut milk and need about 8 hours cooking process, cooked on traditional stove using firewood. The other one is Kerak Telor. Kerak Telor made by mixed rice and egg, cooked on little pan and baked on traditional stove that still using firewood, for finishing you can sprinkle mixed of grated coconut and turmeric then voila! The most delicious Kerak Telor is ready to eat.

Dodol Betawi
Dodol Betawi
Kerak Telor
Kerak Telor

For your convinience to get this place, you can look up for sewa bus pariwisata Jakarta Timur just by browsing on your search engine, it can accommodate you well during your travel. Happy holiday!

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