Come Visit Tourism Objects Abroad in Indonesia!

Patung Buddha, Mojokerto versus the Thai Buddhist Statue

Traveling to famous places abroad may be the dream of many people. But alas, because of limited time and budget it cannot always be realized. But don’t worry, because it turns out that in Indonesia there are several attractions that are similar to popular tourist destinations abroad. do not believe? This is the information.

7 “Twin” Tourism Objects of Indonesia and Abroad

Yuk Kunjungi Objek Wisata Ala Luar Negeri yang Ada di Indonesia Ini!

At first glance, the following seven tourism objects are indeed similar to tourist objects in other countries. Whether intentional or just a coincidence, which clearly is able to become a magnet for tourists who want to see closely how closely the object is? The following information.

-Patung Buddha, Mojokerto versus the Thai Buddhist Statue

There are many ways Buddhists always remember their god, one of them is by building a Buddhist statue. In Thailand there is a statue of Buddha sleeping sideways, one hand is the base of the head and the other is placed on the side of the body. It is said that the statue in the Wat Pho area of ​​Thailand was made in 1832 with a length of 46 meters and coated with 18 carat gold.

In Mojokerto, East Java, there is also a statue that is almost the same, only smaller in size, which is 22 meters long and 4.5 meters high. Not made from a layer of gold but painted in gold. At least if you haven’t had time to go to Thailand, you can stop by the popular tourist destinations on Jalan Trowulan Siti Inggil Bejijong Mojokerto.

– Floating Market, Banjarmasin vs. Thailand Floating Tides

Activities for buying and selling kitchen materials on a boat have become a tradition in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. It turns out that in Thailand there is also a similar market concept in the Damnoen Saduak area and is one of the tourist destinations hunted by tourists. How similar the market is, you can visit Banjarmasin to prove it.

– Gumul Simpang Lima, Kediri versus Arc De Triomphe Paris

Try browsing the Arc De Triomphe in Paris which is a monument that was built during the Napoleon Bonaparte, as a way to remember the heroes there. It turns out that in Kediri there is a monument that looks similar to Arc De Triomphe, called Simpang Lima Gumul. It’s just that the goal is different, namely to unite the five regions in Kediri,

– Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta versus Angkor Wat Cambodia

At a glance the two popular tourist destinations that enter the UNESCO version of the world heritage are very similar, especially from building architecture. But Angkor Wat Cambodia, which has existed since the 12th century, is more crowded. But if you haven’t gotten there yet, just come to Prambanan Temple using sewa bus pariwisata jakarta , the feel and sensation are similar.

– Kampung Pelangi Jodipan, Malang versus Favelas Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Maybe you have watched a video clip of the 2010 World Cup theme song sung by Shakira, or one of the late Michael Jackson set in colorful Brazilian villages. The location has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Brazil, and has also been developed in the La Trinidad region of the Northern Philippines. For those of you who want to see the beauty of the two tourist destinations, just visit the Jodipan area in Malang, or Kenjeran in Surabaya. There is also a rainbow village that is no less beautiful and unique.

What do you think, are the five attractions in Indonesia similar to those in foreign countries? if you are curious, just go to that location and feel the sensation of an Indonesian holiday abroad. It will definitely remain exciting because the beauty and uniqueness that is served is truly original and amazing.

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